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by Alex Rose
July 23, 2022

Where should I start learning the piano?

For those who say "I want to learn piano but I don't know where to start"...

Let's give the first answer to the question of how to start learning the piano… Of course, with your love of instruments and music! Do not put off your desire to learn the piano, because you will first start learning piano with your own desire!

So, does it all end with the desire to play the piano? Of course not… “Where should I start learning the piano?” There are different answers to the question. Let's take a closer look at how to learn the piano, how to start learning the piano…

1. You Can Register for a Course

If you want to learn the piano, one of the best options we think will be good for you is to enroll in a course and start taking lessons from an expert piano instructor. They will give you the most accurate information on how to play the piano and you will find yourself training safely.

First of all, decide, do you want to go to a course to learn the piano or do you want to buy a piano and play it yourself?

2. Saying I Will Play Myself Will Change The Process A Little

If you want to learn piano and don't want to enroll in a course then there is another option! You can learn to play the piano yourself by finding a piano or keyboard that fits your budget. However, you should consider that this situation will put some strain on you and your education process. This is because finding a piano or organ of your own can make you indecisive and you may not enjoy your education by making the wrong choice to begin with.

Beginning to learn the piano does not always mean you will remain a beginner pianist. For this reason, your own organ or piano may not be enough for you. For this reason, as your level progresses, learning piano may start to be more costly for you. Therefore, we can say that it is a good idea to attend at least one course at the beginner level for those who are wondering where to start playing the piano and how to start learning the piano.

3. Find a Piano Method / Follow Your Instructor

It doesn't matter whether you're taking a course or not, find your own piano method. You can get piano methods recommended by music stores and courses. Learning the piano isn't just about hitting the keys and playing songs with harmonious sounds. For this reason, one of the first things you need is musical notation and harmony studies.

Therefore, one of the first things you will do to communicate your knowledge when starting to learn piano is to have a piano method!

4. Get to Know Your Instrument – Learn the Keys

For those who will play the piano for the first time, the excitement of pressing the keys is completely different. Focus on making this process as enjoyable as possible and getting to know your instrument properly. Tap the keys, see what the pedals and pianos are doing. Focus on getting to know your instrument.

5. You Can Switch To Chords

After improving your knowledge of notes on the piano, you can focus on playing chords and improve your knowledge of chords. Focus on learning which key combinations form which chords on the piano and build your foundation.

6. Try to Recognize the Patterns of Piano Songs

Listen to piano songs, try to develop your ear. Search for the phrases used in piano compositions, these patterns; try to recognize the ups and downs. Practice slowly and learn the patterns.

7. From Simple Songs to the Hardest!

For those who are wondering where to start learning the piano, the last step in your training scheme, which we have answered step by step, is one of the most enjoyable stages. Try to play the famous piano compositions, the soundtracks you like, the songs you like from simple to difficult. In this way, you will both improve your repertoire and accustom your pramaks to every rhythm.

8. Most Important: Get Plenty of Practice

After learning piano scales and musical notation, practice constantly so that you don't forget. Remember, playing an instrument always requires regular practice.

This is exactly why we developed the Polyphony app. Learning notation is compulsory, it is necessary to lay the foundation. But the key to playing well, improving and becoming an expert is practice. Polyphony promises an experience that will enable you to play the piano without notes and motivate you by playing your favorite genres. Whether you go to a course or learn on your own, don't forget to use the Polyphony app for practice.

You can get detailed information here to download Polyphony App - Learn Piano without Notes.

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